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Rainbow DMX Modes

Q-Rainbow DMX Chart 0.96 

P1-HSIC - 8 Bit - 5 Channels - Best when using Faders Only
P2-HSIC - 16 bit - 7 Channels
P3-HSI- 8 Bit - 3 Channels
P4-XFade with +/-G - 3 Channels - Best for needing white light only and reduced channels
P5-XFade- 8 Bit - 2 Channels
P6-CCT & RGB - 8 bit - 7 Channels
P7-CCT & RGB - 16 bit - 9 Channels - Best for Use on Lighting Consoles
P8-RGB - 8 bit - 3 Channels

FX Profiles (Standard Profiles with Access to Built in FX)

P9-HSIC FX - 8 Bit - 8 Channels Best when using Faders Only with FX
P10-HSIC - 16 bit - 10 Channels 
P11-CCT & RGB - 8 bit - 10 Channels
P12-CCT & RGB - 16 bit - 12 Channels  Best for Use on Lighting Consoles with FX

Lighting Console Fixture Profiles

Hog4 V3.8 -  Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles V3.hog4show
            (Profiles 1-12)

Hog4 V3.6.1 -  Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles.hog4show
(Profiles 1-8)

1. Save the showfile to a USB stick and transfer the USB to the Console 
2. Go to Show ->Merge File->
3. In the Fixture Schedule, the lamps will appear as custom

EOS Platform - Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles
            (Profiles 1-12)

1. Save the showfile to a USB stick and transfer the USB to the Console 
2. In the browser navigate to File>Merge>USB drive
3. Choose Advanced>Patch>Start 9001 End 9012 Target User defined #
This will put all 12 of the profiles into the users showfile at the User defined Fixture #

GrandMA2 Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles
            (Profiles 1-12)

Luminair 3 iPad App Profile Zip -  App Download from Apple Store
Individual Luminair Profiles



Lamp Update Utility
Upgrade Instructions Page
Upgrade Instructions
PC/Windows:  Update Utility - PC - V1.21.exe 
If your PC computer did not find the Upgrade cable device, you may need drivers. Upgrade Cable Drivers:


Update Utility - MAC -

The original update cables have been found to have some issues on MAC computers. If your update cable does not work on your MAC, please email use to request a new cable. If you have a cable with a RED label, you are good to go!

If you are having issues updating your lamp, please email and include the computer type (PC/Mac), OS Version and  the Log file from the Update Utility.
Q-Mini and Q-Desktop Updater Update Utility - V1.0.exe 


Lamp Firmware
Change Log
Date Released:
Rainbow Update File V0.96 01-01-20
   Rainbow Update File V0.95 08-13-18

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Issues updating your Rainbows? Email us at

Q-Lion Battery Lamps

V3 Update - Click Here for V3 Update Information

Quasar Science Update Utility V 1.21

If in the install log it gives the error failed to update Device, please check the log file.

If you see the error "(ST): (API) ERROR : Cannot communicate with the tool.
Wrong tool selection or check tool power supply or check that a previous session is closed," please try the following:
1. Ensure that you have a 2nd Generation lamp that has the RST and KILL Buttons
2. Be sure you are using the Q-Lion Update Cable.
3. If you confirm the top 2 points, please download and run the Driver files here. Click Here to Download.

If you are still having trouble with the updater, email the Log generated in the Updater to


If your lamp will charge but will not turn on with a button press, press and hold the kill button for 5 seconds. Then plug back into the QC 3.0 Charger.