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Rainbow DMX Modes

Q-Rainbow DMX Chart V 0.79-95 
Q-Rainbow DMX Chart V 0.76-73

P1-HSIC - 8 Bit - 5 Channels - Best when using Faders Only
P2-HSIC - 16 bit - 7 Channels
P3-HSI- 8 Bit - 3 Channels
P4-XFade with +/-G - 3 Channels - Best for needing white light only and reduced channels
P5-XFade- 8 Bit - 2 Channels
P6-CCT & RGB - 8 bit - 7 Channels
P7-CCT & RGB - 16 bit - 9 Channels - Best for Use on Lighting Consoles
P8-RGB - 8 bit - 3 Channels

FX Profiles (Standard Profiles with Access to Built in FX)

P9-HSIC FX - 8 Bit - 8 Channels Best when using Faders Only with FX
P10-HSIC - 16 bit - 10 Channels 
P11-CCT & RGB - 8 bit - 10 Channels
P12-CCT & RGB - 16 bit - 12 Channels  Best for Use on Lighting Consoles with FX

Lighting Console Fixture Profiles

Hog4 V3.8 -  Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles V3.hog4show
            (Profiles 1-12)

Hog4 V3.6.1 -  Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles.hog4show
(Profiles 1-8)

1. Save the showfile to a USB stick and transfer the USB to the Console 
2. Go to Show ->Merge File->
3. In the Fixture Schedule, the lamps will appear as custom

EOS Platform - Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles
            (Profiles 1-12)

1. Save the showfile to a USB stick and transfer the USB to the Console 
2. In the browser navigate to File>Merge>USB drive
3. Choose Advanced>Patch>Start 9001 End 9012 Target User defined #
This will put all 12 of the profiles into the users showfile at the User defined Fixture #

GrandMA2 Quasar Science - Rainbow Profiles
            (Profiles 1-12)

Luminair 3 iPad App Profile Zip -  App Download from Apple Store
Individual Luminair Profiles



Lamp Update Utility
Upgrade Instructions
PC/Windows:  Update Utility - PC - V1.01.exe 
If your computer did not find the Upgrade cable device, you may need drivers. Upgrade Cable Drivers:
Mac:  Coming Soon.
Q-Mini and Q-Desktop Updater Update Utility - V0.27.exe 


Lamp Firmware
Change Log
Date Released:
   Rainbow Update File V0.95 08-13-18

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Q-Lion Battery Lamps

V3 Update - Click Here for V3 Update Information

Quasar Science Update Utility V 1.01



If your lamp will charge but will not turn on with a button press, press and hold the kill button for 5 seconds. Then plug back into the QC 3.0 Charger.

If you are having trouble with the driver installing, please download and run the Driver files here. Click Here to Download.