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Cutting edge color science & control

The Rainbow Series’ RGBX color engine optimizes RGB values as found in volume walls and elsewhere, to the most spectrally robust LED light imaginable. Two ‘white light’ diodes- the X factor- ensure the color mix emits the fullest spectrum of light. Instinctual Just Noticeable Difference (JND) color control puts intuitive color manipulation in your hands where you can employ an even gradation of incremental change over the entire color field. It’s a user-centric artistic endeavor geared to unfold your creativity. Technically easy, emotionally satisfying. And with over 1 BILLION spectrally robust colors at your disposal, the color you need, the spectrum you want, is all in the Rainbow.

More pixels than confetti at a parade

Boasting more pixels per linear foot than any other light out there, the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow are perfectly poised to render image-based lighting in detail. Whether a 4’ Double Rainbow with 48 pixels, or the eye popping 2,304 pixels of the Rainbow 2’s 848 large array configuration, the Image-based lighting now made possible will look more real, feel more real, and be more real. Image-based, Rainbow perfect.

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Together with other virtual pioneers including Orbital and disguise, we bring the worlds of technology and creativity together. We simplify workflows and streamline data management. We improve lighting quality and control to inspire your imagination.

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