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Some funny bloopers from the filming of "Quasar Science Presents: Hurricane at Midnight."
"Martini is up!" Jean Claude and Roger celebrate the wrap of Hurricane at Midnight.
Roger diligently finishes the next scene's setup, while Jean Claude checks the aim of the lights.
Roger and his crew tediously rigged the biggest night exterior in all of Hurricane at Midnight, while Jean Claude is still unsure about the framing.
Roger anxiously awaits the final light for the setup, while Best Boy Sarah is flying in as fast as she can!
Roger and Hurricane at Midnight UPM, Frank Lumpitz, figure out budgeting for a big night exterior over a video chat.
Jean Claude and Roger start camera tests on "Hurricane at Midnight" with their star actress, Meryle Cheryle. This creative duo can illuminate her beauty like no other.
Jean Claude Lambert, esteemed french cinematographer, hires a new Gaffer named Roger Smurple for his upcoming feature film "Hurricane at Midnight".