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Whether it's virtual or conventional, today’s data driven lighting set-ups demand a level of communication and versatility that the Rainbow Series has in spades. The Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow are packed with hardware and software features for any and all needs. Multiple built-in ethernet ports for DMX in and out. Ethernet Nodes (Double Rainbow only) and Switches. The Rainbow Series makes any network architectural configuration an easy possibility. Wired DMX, sACN and ArtNet, wireless CRMX, Bluetooth, W-DMX and WiFi, provide you with any professionally used data management protocol at your disposal. And no matter if it's part of a permanent rig or a last second addition, you can do it fast with the Rainbow.

Virtually unlimited Profiles

With console profiles specifically designed for video mapping with industry leaders like Unreal Engine and disguise, the Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow will be your go-to for virtual production. VRGB profiles are tailor made to receive RGB video signals and convert them to full spectrum RGBX light. Specially designed Color Space and Color Engine selections as DMX parameter correctly map the lights to the Color Space of your video content, providing a photo-accurate color palette. Faith is restored in color rendition, with rock solid hues and no lobster lighting under these Rainbows.

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Together with other virtual pioneers including Orbital and disguise, we bring the worlds of technology and creativity together. We simplify workflows and streamline data management. We improve lighting quality and control to inspire your imagination.

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