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Current software 0.5I

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What's New in Software 0.5i?

Here is the list of new features and fixes in the latest Software: 


1. xy Control of the light with new DMX Profiles (19, 20)
2. Spectral Fidelity Control of xy Profiles (21, 22)
3. On Art-Net, UI screen flashes the Universe number if the light is not receiving the specified Universe


1. When on Art-Net, added full IP address to Substatus Screen (Press "Enter" on Status screen to get to the Substatus screen)
2. Screen UI addition of “NO” for Normal Output mode 

Documents & Downloads

The RR and R2 firmware is always being optimized with new features added so check back frequently and update your lights before use to get the most out of your RR or R2!


  • Download the latest firmware update files below. Please note that they must be updated with a USB-C thumb drive in FAT32 format.
  •  Copy all the files in the update to the root directory of your USB-C drive. They may look like this: QS_PC_FW_0.5c.bin or QS_PC_BL_0.9.bin.
  • If on, power off the light.
  • Press and hold the ENTER button on the light and then press/hold the POWER button for 3 seconds. This will enter the Update Mode. 
  • Insert the USB-C Thumb Drive.
  • The light will then install all updates found on the drive. It will check for the highest version number of all relevant files. 
  • After updating the light, it will then reboot. Please note at that you should see the newest firmware version indicated on the LED screen on boot up.
  • Alternatively, you can go to CONFIG > FIRMWARE to check to make sure the light updated.
Firmware VersionRelease DateRelease NotesFileSize
QS_PC_FW_0.5i2021.09.24ViewDownload 188k

DMX Modes

Download the Latest DMX Chart Above.
When using as more than one pixel, 1 additional channel group must be added per additional pixel.
FX Profiles have parameters to control FX across the entire Unit.
Output Mode Profiles add an Additional DMX channel per light to set the Output Mode.

ProfileProfile NameBit Depth
# of Channels per Pixel
Suggested Use
P1HSIC8 Bit5 ChannelsBest when using faders ONLY
P2HSIC16 Bit8 Channels
P3HSI8 Bit3 Channels
P4XFade with +/-G-8 Bit3 ChannelsBest for needing white light ONLY and reduced channels
P5XFade8 Bit2 Channels
P6CCT & RGB8 Bit7 Channels
P7CCT & RGB16 Bit9 ChannelsBest for use on lighting consoles
P8RGB8 Bit3 Channels
P13RGBTD8 Bit5 Channels
P14RGBTD16 Bit10 Channels
RGB16 Bit6 ChannelsThe 16 bit version of P8
P19xy8 Bit3 Channels
P20xy16 Bit6 Channels
P21xy + S8 Bit4 ChannelsSpectral Control of Diode Mix!
P22xy + S16 Bit7 Channels

Downloadable Lighting Console Fixture Profiles

Profile Patching Examples

When using the Q25R2 in 10 pixel mode in Profile 1, each pixel is 5 DMX Channels.
The light would, therefore, require a total of 50 channels.

When using the Q25R2 in 2 pixel mode in Profile 1, each pixel is 5 DMX Channels.
The light would, therefore, require a total of 10 channels.

Example: Q25R2 - 2 Pixel Mode - Profile 1 

Channel 1
IntensityPixel 1
Channel 2Color TempPixel 1
Channel 3+/- GreenPixel 1
Channel 4HuePixel 1
Channel 5Saturation Pixel 1
Channel 6IntensityPixel 2
Channel 7Color TempPixel 2
Channel 8+/- GreenPixel 2
Channel 9HuePixel 2
Channel 10SaturationPixel 2

Features Coming Soon

Here is the list of features coming to the RR and R2 lights.

  • sACN Control
  • Transmitter Mode
  • Full Wifi Control
  • RDM
  • Node Mode

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