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PC Utility v1.21

Mac Utility v1.18

PC Update Cable Driver

To update your Rainbow to the latest version, you must use the Rainbow Update cable that was included with the light.

IMPORTANT: Cables with a gray/silver tag only work on PC. Cables with a red tag work on both PC and Mac. Should you have a gray/silver tag and are trying to update on a Mac, please contact us so we can send you the cable you need!

NOTE: The Utilities to Update Rainbow and Q-Lion are the same.
The PC Update Cable Drives should install automatically. See troubleshooting section at the bottom of the page.

DMX Modes

The latest DMX Chart can be download from the section above.

P1-HSIC8 Bit5 Channels
P2-HSIC16 Bit7 Channels
P3-HSI8 Bit3 Channels
P4-XFade with +/-G8 Bit3 Channels
P5-XFade8 Bit2 Channels
P6-CCT & RGB8 Bit7 Channels
P7-CCT & RGB16 Bit9 Channels
P8-RGB8 Bit3 Channels

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