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This week on The Quasar Alchemy Livestream, Adam & Steven will be discussed the pros and cons of the development in industry technology from the eyes of Rigging Gaffers. Has this boom of LED lighting really made onset workflow easier?
On this episode of The Quasar Alchemy Livestream, Jay and Charlie discussed how creativity on set can drastically improve efficiency of workflow in the entire industry. What tools have you made to make the job easier?
Mo and Evans discussed their long time careers, and how the development of industry technology has coincided with the development of work flow on set. This insight is valuable knowledge for anyone working in the film industry, no matter what size the project.

This week on the Quasar Alchemy Livestream: Jay Yowler, & special guest Mark Irwin!

Check out this in-depth discussion about the industry from the mouth of a filmmaking legend. Mark shared his on set intuition that he gained on 144 feature films through his career, and discussed this intuition with his long time gaffer, Jay Yowler.

This week on the Quasar Alchemy Livestream, Steven Strong and Ben Dynice will be discussing the industry from the standpoint of a Juicer, Rigging Gaffer, and Lighting Programmer. They will also be discussing products on the horizon from Quasar Science.
On this week of The Quasar Alchemy Livestream, Jay and Evans discussed their experiences on set, the transition in industry technology, and over all how times have changed in the film industry. With over 65 years of combined set experience between these two, this was quite a fruitful conversation.