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The Rainbow 2 (R2) is the ultimate linear LED for motion picture and content creation.

Ossium Ladder Kit (with lift bar)
Ossium Ladder Kit (with lift bar)
Ossium Ladder Bracket - 2ft Setup
Ossium Ladder Bracket - 4ft Setup
Ossium Ladder Bracket - 8ft Setup
Ossium Ladder Kit (with lift bar)
Ossium Ladder Kit (with lift bar)


Ossium Ladder Kit (with lift bar)

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Top Product Highlights

  • Designed to hold up to 16 Quasar Science Rainbow fixtures
  • Simply loosen the screws to easily adjust the density of the lights
  • Mount directly to the back of the NATO rails on the back of the Rainbow tubes, or add in the Ossium T12 Tube Clips to mount any LED tube with a T12 profile
  • Fast and space efficient way of rigging a large number of tubes for different applications, from simple backings all the way up to pixelated, virtual production setups
  • Adjustable width Lift Bar to allow for installation of 2', 4', or 8' tubes

    The Ossium Ladder is a lightweight, flexible system designed to hang from any overhead fixing point. Precision-designed for agility and versatility, it presents a rapid way to effortlessly rig up to sixteen 2’, 4’, or 8’ tube lights together for a powerful wall of light. 


    Agile & Versatile:

    The elegant simplicity of the Ossium Ladder is complemented by its slim profile, optimizing studio space and time. Two steel cables on each side are suspended from the lift bars with an eyelet on the lift bar brackets for easy fixing. Rainbow fixtures mount seamlessly onto the supporting ‘L’ brackets via the built-in NATO rail.

    Optional clips are available to fix Crossfades when all you need is white light for a backing. Weighing in at just 17 lbs, the Ossium Ladder simplifies your setup for a scalable source of light in any space. 

    Virtual Production Ready:

    Virtual production is even more accessible with the Ossium Ladder and connected Rainbow fixtures. Quickly build a wall of light to complement LED volumes, creating dynamic IBL with no extra LED walls.

    Benefit from a higher output, full-spectrum light source that seamlessly integrates and matches your video color space. Control up to 768 addressable pixels, offering unprecedented versatility in your lighting setups. With a max power draw of 1600W from 16 Rainbow fixtures, the Ossium Ladder ensures a powerful and efficient lighting solution for your virtual production.

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    Up to the Rigors of Rigging:

    Crafted by rigging professionals in collaboration with G-Force Grips, the Ossium Ladder boasts robust construction using high-quality materials.

    Buit to last, it withstands the rigors of set life, offering a reliable and durable solution. Supporting up to 330 lbs of weight, the Quasar Science Ossium Ladder ensures stability and safety, providing you with the confidence to tackle any lighting setup on your creative journey.