Double Rainbow

Creative agility, ultimate control

The Double Rainbow (RR) Linear LED, with its two rows of high fidelity RGBX pixels, creates realistic lighting with vibrant saturated colors and intense white light.

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Bank Shell c/w Ossium Plate & Double Rainbow

Regular price$ 1,900.00

Top Product Highlights

  • Control shape and spill with articulated Shell
  • Secure tubes quickly using Ossium Plate
  • Ossium Baby Pin included for rigging
  • Includes Double Rainbow
  • High quality tunable white light and high RGB color saturation
  • 20 individually addressable pixels
  • Direct connect every industry standard wired and wireless control option

See the bigger picture

Shape a bigger image with a bank of pixelated Rainbows lights encased in an ultra-flexible shell. The Rainbow Ossium Shells supersize RGBX pixel control in a format that’s mercifully simple to rig and manipulate on set.

Rainbow 2

Paint with light on the broadest canvas

Banking Rainbows creates a larger canvas to paint with. Up to 4ft wide and conveniently low-profile, an Ossium Shell brings Hollywood lighting without the demands for extra space or fuss.

Paint your world with intense white light or deeply saturated color. Or light with an image using individual pixel mapping. The sky’s not the limit it’s an option. 

A smarter way to stack and control

Solid support from a custom Ossium plate keeps your Rainbows straight and true – this is the last place you want flexibility. Stacking them into a larger array is simple using the integrated Ossium Rail and quick connect power via the included multibank AC adaptor (it’s all doubly quick with Double Rainbows).

There’s no separate ballast to eat up rigging time. Smaller Shells come with an Ossium Baby Pin and the Super G Multi Axis Mounting System is included with the large 4ft 4-banks to give maximum control over tilt, pan and rotate. 

Control the rainbow, shape the world

Take control of your source with the flexible Shell. Color is unbounded but sometimes the light needs to have limits.

The Shell gives control over shape and spill using articulating doors, holding any position you choose. For even more direction add an optional 40° Eggcrate.

Double Rainbow

The power of many acting as one

Light the way you want with a large, pixel-mapped array that has an alter ego as individual tubes. The Rainbows offer high quality tunable white light and the highest color saturation with multiple pixels maintaining super smooth, flicker free dimming.

Direct connect every industry standard wired and wireless control option from DMX and Bluetooth through to sACN. Is the multibank shell a huge creative canvas or a tool for your tubes? We guess that depends on where the day takes you.


A sleek shape provides a powerful light source using little space.

Wireless and wired data connections mean no data boxes and no transmitters. Integrated Ossium Mounting System (OMS) rigging adapts to everything. AC/DC inputs for continuous power whenever and wherever.

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Color Science

The unique RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine (RGBX SSCE) in the RR delivers a choice of more than one billion colors. RGBX SSCE provides the complete range of potential spectral fingerprints available for each color within its entire gamut of color possibilities.

To create the lighting industry’s most intuitive and natural color control experience, the RGBX SSCE maps its color calculations in the perceptually uniform CIE 1976 chromaticity space.

WATCH Color Science
Color science


Connectivity with Double Rainbow - Ethernet, WIFI, Bluetooth, sACN, ArtNet and CRMX

With every industry standard wired and wireless option, the Rainbow Series provides advanced networking architecture solutions and scalable options. With no need for additional data boxes, receivers or transmitters.

 The Double Rainbow is equipped with both an Ethernet Node and a Network Switch creating a whole new universe of possibilities.

WATCH Connectivity
Phone demonstrating the connectivity of the Double Rainbow


Ossium Mounting System (OMS) integrates seamlessly and efficiently with industry standard hardware for safer, faster rigging with greater precision and style.

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Ossium Mounting System integrating with industry standard hardware


With more pixels and greater control than any other tube lights, Rainbow fixtures produce more realistic animation to take your lighting effects to a whole new realm. More than just volume, spectrally-based color calibration provides each pixel with dependable vibrant color values.


Vibrant saturated colors and the most intense white light, deliver great results in any situation.

Power Anywhere

Power RR lights anywhere with plug and play AC and DC capabilities. Direct AC input without power supply, or The Ossium Battery Plate making swapping batteries seamless reducing down time on set.

360 degree view of the Double Rainbow

Universal AC & DC Power Inputs

The RR can be powered through either the universal AC power input for mains power anywhere or the auxiliary DC input for use with power bricks and battery packs.

Expanded Onboard FX Engine

The RR is enabled with generous FX presets with a multitude of new parameter controls allowing you to fine tune everything from Emergency to Paparazzi. Adjust Hi/Low Intensities, Speed, Color and more.

Highly accurate white light

CCT 1,750-10,000k with high color rendition (SSI up to 91, TM30 up to 94, CRI up to 95)


Rail, Slider and Baby Pin included for simple mounting

Remote Control Options

Wired: DMX, sACN, Art-Net Wireless: CRMX, W-DMX, Bluetooth, sACN and Art-Net

Technical Specifications

Pixels2 Rows of 10 = 20 Total2 Rows of 24 = 48 Total
WattageMax 50WMax 100W
Weight3.30lbs (1.5 kg)5.73lbs (2.6kg)
Dimensions22.7 x 3.34 in (577 x 84.8 mm)46.1 x 3.34 in (1171 x 84.8 mm)
Power (vac)120vac = 0.45 amp / 240vac = 0.25 amp120vac = 0.90 amp / 240vac = 0.50 amp
Power (vdc)12vdc = 4.50 amp / 24vdc = 2.30 amp12vdc = n/a / 24vdc = 4.80 amp