Bank Shell c/w Ossium Plate & Crossfade X

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Top Product Highlights

  • Control shape and spill with articulated Shell
  • Secure tubes quickly into a bank using Ossium Plate
  • Ossium Baby Pin included for rigging
  • Includes Crossfade X tubes
  • Tunable white light from 2000K to 6000K
  • Wide, low profile soft source

Harness the power of the Crossfade X

Fluorescent 4-banks belong to the past. Crossfade X Ossium Shells make super wide and super soft, so much smoother. The classic flexible shell for shaping and controlling your light, now with higher output, tunable color temperature and mounting that’s simple and secure with no pesky ballast.

Rainbow 2

Soft with a slender build 

A bank of linear LEDs gives off a beautifully soft wrap of source. Up to 4ft wide and low profile, it brings the glamor of broad soft lighting without demanding extra space or fuss.

Stacked to go faster

Solid support from a custom Ossium plate keeps your Crossfades straight and true – this is the last place you want flexibility.

Stacking them into a bank is a simple snap in and quick connect power via the included multibank AC adaptor. There’s no separate ballast to eat up rigging time, just mount the Ossium Baby Pin to the back to make your Ossium Shell clamp ready.

Shape up and take control

Take control of your source with the flexible Shell. As beautiful as it is, sometimes soft light needs to be put on a leash.

The Shell gives control over shape and spill using articulating doors, holding any position you choose. For ultimate control add an optional 40° Eggcrate.

Double Rainbow

The power of many acting as one

Light the way you want with a large, tunable fixture that has an alter ego as individual tubes. The Crossfade X brings simple, broad spectrum, tunable white light from a beautifully warm 2000K to a crisp 6000K.

It’s also compatible with most AC TRIAC dimming systems for any easy plug and play light. Is the Ossium Shell a huge soft source or a tool for your tubes? We guess that depends on where the day takes you.


Tunable White Light
The Crossfade X blends a warm 2000K diode and a cool 6000K diode generating a balanced, flicker-free color spectrum at any color mix.

Compatible with most AC TRIAC dimming systems.

Simple Operation
The new power switch allows for quick on/off operation with an easy-to-operate color control dial providing quick and simple tweaking in any environment.

Low Profile
Easily hide the linear LED light in minimal space. Tape or flush mount it against walls or ceilings to avoid compromising the photographic frame.

Mounting: The injection molded Q-Block allows custom fabrication of your own mounting system or clean installation in architectural settings.

Power: TRUE1 Multibank Power Adaptors provide multiple outputs to simplify power cabling of 2x-6x unit arrays.

Light Weight
The fixture’s light weight makes it easily hand-portable and opens up rigging possibilities. Carry one or two fixtures with camera equipment on public transportation, and quickly tape them up to walls for temporary lighting setups without safety worries.

Stack them in columns and rows to create large LED panels and arrays of any size, or line them up end-to-end for long linear lighting sources. Construct geometric patterns and 3D structures—endless visual possibilities abound!

Multiple Sizes
Available in 2 ft., 4 ft., & 8ft.

For an easily-cabled light with a clean appearance, a single ended power input design receives industry-standard TRUE1 connector power cables without need for external AC-to-DC power adaptors. This design, coupled with TRUE1 Multibank Adaptors, saves time and energy on set by eliminating messy wiring looms.