Quasar Science Student Program

Starting September 1st, we will be ending our free lights student program. Students will be able to rent any products from us with a 25% discount. 

Quasar Science Supports Students!

The Quasar Science student program allows rentals for students for rental products that we have in stock. Student rentals are handled on a first come first served basis. 

To be eligable for the 25% off Student discount, there are a few rules to follow:

1. Student must be enrolled in a production class at a College or University.  Student must provide a Letter of Verification from the school verifying your enrollment and must state the class and professor.

2. Student must provide a valid Student ID that matches the Student in the Letter

3.  Student must provide a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) from the school's Production Insurance policy that matches the Student and school in the Letter. If your school does not have production insurance, you must have a valid production insurance policy. The COI must be addressed to:

Quasar Science
687 S. Anderson St.
Los Angeles, CA 90023

It must have property coverage insurance covering miscellaneous equipment sufficient to cover the full replacement cost of the property.

Please include the property coverage's limits and deductible. Property coverage may come in one of the following forms:


  • All Risk Policy
  • Entertainment Package
  • Inland Marine Coverage
  • Hired In Equipment
  • Business Personal Property of Others
  • Third Party Property
  • Rented Production Equipment
  • Rented/Leased Equipment
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

4. The COI must cover the cost of the rentals, which is at least $2,500. Student agrees to pay any deductible in the case of loss or damage to the rental.

5. You must know what you are requesting. Please talk with your gaffer and DP. Any request for "Quasars" will not be honored.  

6. Social Media plugs are always encouraged but not required!


If you agree to all points above, please click the link below, fill out the forms and attach your documents.

Click Here for the Quote Request Form