At Quasar Science, we attempt to optimize the conjunction between excellent CRI, lasting color performance and maximum output, producing the highest lumens per watt possible while retaining Quasar Science’s renown color spectrum.

All Quasar products have a CRI of 95+
with 0CC (no Magenta or Green spikes)

A color rendering index (CRI) is a quantitative
measure of the ability of a light source to reveal
the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison
with an ideal or natural light source. Light sources
with a high CRI are desirable in color-critical
applications such as neonatal care, photography
and cinematography. It is defined by the International
Commission on Illumination (CIE) as follows:

Color rendering: Effect of an illuminant on the color
appearance of objects by conscious or subconscious
comparison with their color appearance under a
reference illuminant



NRK Tested TLCI Report for 3000k and 5600k

  • Compatible Dimmers
    • ETC Sensor
    • Innovative Dimmers
    • ID: Rat Pac
    • Strand CD80
    • Lutron CL
  • Dimmers that require “Ghost Load**” for loads below 50 watts LED
    • ETC Smart Module
    • Elation Cyber Pack
    • American DJ 
    • Leprecon dimmers

 **A “Ghost Load” is traditionally an off camera light 

used to draw additional power in order to balance
and stabilize a power supply. 

In this case a small incandescent light bulb (around 15w)
should be 
attached to the line to burn off any voltage
leak from the dimmers.

    Flicker Free Lamps
    Quasar Science Lamps last 25,000 + hours (where noted.)

    Grounded lamps offer overcurrent protection to the lamp in the event of a ground fault.
    Grounded Lamps are available in our Crossfade line and our Switch Line.
    Single and 2-End Lamps are ungrounded and available in our Switch Line.


    Our Direct Lamps offer Replacement into
    Fluorescent Fixtures without the need for rewiring,
    saving time and money.

    Our L-Lithium Ion Rechargeable Lamps
    operate off a Lithium Ion Battery.

    Charges from Mirco USB power adapter

    All Quasar Science products in production are certified by Intertek and their affiliated laboratories and conform to UL standards

    All Quasar Custom products are built from listed components conforming to UL standards.