Quasar Science Presents: Hurricane at Midnight

For our newest season taking a deep dive behind-the-scenes experience, we will follow a cinematographer who needs no introduction. The French marvel, the Einstein of the Angenieux, Panavision’s paramour, the crafty genius who bent light like Beckham’s balls, more famous than the baguette, and as creatively tempestuous as a Roquefort cheese, we can only be speaking of Jean Claude Lambert, of course.

Quasar Science had the privilege and distinct opportunity to have unfettered access behind the scenes of Mr. Jean Claude Lambert’s latest masterpiece, “Hurricane at Midnight,” where Quasar Science lighting was used extensively and to great effect throughout the film. 


Arguably the most ambitious filmic enterprise since “Waterworld”, “Hurricane at Midnight” is an emotional firestorm starring nine time Academy Award nominee and innovator of the Yoga Kwan Do, Meryle Cheryle and 1980’s action heartthrob, Kurt Snowood

Billing itself as the very first in a new genre, The Disaster Rom-Com, "Hurricane At Midnight" follows a couple salvaging a stale marriage by renewing their vows on the very same Jamaican beach where they married long ago. Low and behold a hurricane hits!

Only Jean Claude’s lensing could adequately express such a captivating adventure of love and survival against the world’s most formidable female, Mother Nature! And she ain’t no lady.

"Making a film is an act of love."

As Jean Claude aptly states: “Making a film is an act of love. One must embrace the script, the actors, and some of the crew. It is only through such an articulation of friendship that we can survive the death march of production.”

Quasar Science has been able to peek behind the scenes, witnessing the un-staged drama of film making and lighting from the very beginning, where Jean Claude recruits his newest gaffer, Roger Smurple, who will undergo the rigors of Jean Claude’s training, like the Skywalker to his Yoda.

Roger admits, “Working with Jean Claude was a great challenge. He sees things that this simple kid from Rancho Cucamonga can barely imagine. It was a real inspiration to work under his guidance. And I couldn’t have done it without the best crew in Hollywood!”

So join Quasar Science as they bring to you their latest and most exciting docu-series to date, “Hurricane at Midnight”.

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