The Quasar Alchemy Livestream: Evans Brown

 This week on the Quasar Alchemy Livestream...

The Quasar Alchemy Livestream: Evans Brown

Join us on our Instagram live, this Saturday, April 11th at 2pm PST for a discussion between two cinematographers about the collaborative art form that is film making; where the Arts and Sciences meet a practical approach. Filmmaking is a coming together of creative people and a collaboration to work with each other to make the project excel beyond.

 How do we as Cinematographers wade through the quagmire of personalities to produce good and thoughtful work?

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  • Evans Brown, co-owner of Quasar and has gaffed and shot projects such as “The Wire” and “True Blood”, and DP on projects “Halt And Catch Fire” and “The Boys”
  • Tim Kang, Quasar Science color engineer and cinematographer