A New Take On 3-Point Lighting: The 4 C's

Tim Kang, Quasar Science Color Engineer and Cinematographer, unveils a new way of thinking about 3-point lighting setups.

With the 4 C's, you can break out of the traditional Key, Fill, Backlight mentality, and push your abilities to be creative with light! Unlike traditional 3-point lighting examples, Tim conceptualizes what each light accomplishes, and shows how they can be manipulated to give different feels.

You can find the perfect 3-point lighting system here: The 3x1 Q-Lion Kit


  • Anthony Boyd Sr

    This is some bad ass technology who would have figured do you have any demo products your giving away you can adopt me and weight it off on your taxes

  • Luke Seerveld

    This was wonderful! Succinct and illuminating. Thank you.

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