Ch. 6: Talk on Tones

This chapter includes Gabrielle Blackwood, Director, DOP and Colorist based out of Jamaica and the US, as well as Zbek Nelson, Actor also based out of Jamaica and the US.
Produced by DoP Sarah Thomas Moffat, DoP Evans Brown, co-founder of Quasar Science, & the Quasar Alchemy Team. The purpose of “Talk on Tones” is to expand the knowledge of lighting various skin tones. Rooted in cinematography, this series includes voices from actors, directors, DoPs, gaffers, makeup artists, colourists, and more.
The goal is to expand the craft of cinematography to better represent all skin tones.
From digital content to large format, documentary to narrative, this series provides insight that will uplift the images of tomorrow while also embracing the human experience that sometimes goes unnoticed in the demands of time vs product.
Throughout this process of education, the hope is to evolve the broader discussion of inclusivity, and representation on screen. Listening to personal experiences of working professionals who come from diverse groups will help educate what informs story telling choices and why it matters. Together, we hope to expand vital knowledge so we might see each other in better light, both on screen and behind the camera.

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