Quasar Science releases the Quasar DC System

At Quasar Science, we focus on versatility, ease of use, and on set practicality. As creators, we need to have the tools in our belt for any situation, to be ready for any curve ball that set-life throws at us.

With the new DC Power System from Quasar Science, there is no location that can’t be lit. Never be hung out to dry due to the absence of AC power or lack of life in an internal battery. Different sized power feeders, extensions, splitters, and batteries offer a wide range of options to power your Rainbows and beyond. 

Use your 2F1-Mount Block Batteries, V-Mount, or Gold Mount Batteries with our Rainbows that run on 12 to 26v batteries. The DC Power System includes our locking DC 2.1mm Connectors to Amphenol 4 Connectors, for our Splitters, Extensions and Power Feeders. Our additional extensions help to get power from PTAP/DTAP Batteries and other 2.1mm Batteries, including our 2.1mm to PTAP cable for our new BQ-Battery Mount. 

Extend that Quasar Linear Battery pack with our basic 8ft Locking 2.1mm Barrel to Barrel cable. Want to throw your Rainbows into a Quasar Plate and run off your large capacity batteries?  We have 3 K-Mount Plates to lock on your V-Mount, 2F1-Mount Block Battery, or Gold Mount batteries.

DC Kits coming soon!
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Quasar DC System overview
Quasar DC System rear view
Linear DC power system