New Kit: Lights Out!

Q-Lion Lights Out Work Light Kit

The Q-Lion Lights Out Work Light Kit
MSRP $666.66

Now you can get 6 x Q5LS Linear LED Lights in one case at a great price!

The Q-Lion Q5LS packs a lot of punch in a small package and, at its lowest intensity level, it lasts 12 hours.

Why use high color quality lights just for your work area? Quasar’s color spectrum will bring clarity and make colors pop enhancing your environment and helping separate similar color objects as well as reducing eye fatigue.  Whether picking out clothes or wiring a plug, clearly seeing the colors is safer and more helpful. 

The Q-Lion’s Switchable Color Spectrum gives you a cool lively daylight for the work bench and a warm soothing tungsten for the living room.  

Work Lights.

No need to blind everyone on stage with a 1K Nook light three risers up on a baby stand… Crafty will have that covered. Just slap a Q5LS on each head cart or cable cart using the magnetic feet. Great for use on the truck or in staging. Get them for your set cart or your favorite Transpo Captain. Great for throwing in a stake bed for the splinter unit.

Bed lights for Cable Carts!

Work Lights at Home.

This kit's 6 lights can be deployed throughout the home in strategic positions so you are never left in the dark. The Q5LS has a built in Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge, plus it runs while charging. Unlike a hard spotty flashlight, the soft diffused light output spreads light evenly and over a wide area. 

Bounce it off the wall for a smooth warm ambient glow or use it under the sink to fix that leak!

Under the Hood.

Need to change that alternator in your '88 Honda? Right! You have to take the wheel off and dig it out from under the @#$%&…!?!? Good luck seeing what you’re doing with a caged light bulb on a six foot cord. Bright portable and robust, the Q5LS is small enough to get into the tightest engine bay or undercarriage. 

They look great greasy!

Motion Picture & Photography Lighting.

Eh… You know that story.