Add Dramatic Scalability To Linear LED Lighting With New Banking & Control Accessories

We're proud to announce the launch of two new products designed to scale up its linear LED lighting range for large motion picture and content creation sets. Ossium Shells allow Crossfade X and Rainbow fixtures to be banked together in a unit with articulating doors to control shape and spill. Ossium Frames allow users to combine Rainbow fixtures in stacked arrays to create a wall of light with pixel-level control.

The new Quasar Science Ossium Frame with six 4ft Double Rainbows creates a large array with 288 individually addressable pixels

With the new Ossium Shells, users can combine either the 2’ or 4’ models of Quasar Science Crossfade X bi-color tubes, or Rainbow 2 and Double Rainbow RGBX tubes in banks of two or four fixtures. Articulating doors on Ossium Shells allows control of shape and spill. Each unit includes an Ossium Backplate to mount the tubes securely, and Ossium Baby Pin for rigging. The larger 4-bank 4’ Rainbow kits include a new Super G Multi Axis Mounting System for maximum control over pan, tilt, and rotation. Tubes simply snap into, or bolt onto the shell to create banks and power is connected via the included multibank AC adaptor. For greater directional control, an optional 40° Eggcrate is available for each shell.

The new Quasar Science 4ft 4-bank Ossium Shell with Rainbow 2 tubes supersizes RGBX pixel control in a format that’s mercifully simple to rig and manipulate on set

Ossium Frames are a strong and simple frame rigging system for both standard and virtual production environments. The frames allow users to combine 2’ or 4’ Rainbow fixtures into stacked arrays of twelve Rainbow 2, or six Double Rainbow fixtures to produce a large source of highly controllable light. Each pixel in the stacked arrays receives its own unique data, allowing the Rainbows to produce dramatic image-based lighting with realistic animation at scale. Direct connection of every industry-standard wired and wireless control option from DMX and Bluetooth though to sACN makes larger Ossium Frame arrays simple to set up and control. This direct control, combined with high quality light, unique VRGB profiles for virtual production engines and the ability to render in sync with volume walls, makes Ossium Frames a unique solution for achieving more realism in virtual production environments.

“Quasar Science’s industry-leading research into the physics and control of light has developed a color engine that produces dramatically more accurate colors and control than any other linear LED fixtures available,” said Quasar Science Product Manager, Michael Herbert. “With the introduction of the Ossium Shells and Frames, users can now take that highly accurate and realistic light output and scale it up powerfully in lightweight and flexible arrays”.

A range of DoP Choice accessories are available to offer additional directional control and diffusion for Rainbow fixtures and arrays in Ossium Shells or Frames.

Ossium Shells and Ossium Frames are available to order now from Quasar Science dealers.