CineShred 2021: Lights, Film, and Skating

Enjoy a recap of our 1st Annual CineShred, in collaboration with Filmtools, RED Camera, and all Videndum Production Solutions brands.
This mini-ramp rig was bathed in light with Double Rainbow's, Rainbow 2's, and Gemini 1x1 Hard's, bringing a new layer of versatility to the table. The skate filming market has yet to dive deep into the world of RGB LEDs, and this event showcased how much value these lights can bring.
No more lugging generators into skate spots!
Simply slap a battery on your light and you're off to the races. Once night fell, the lights really stole the show. Controlled on a dimmer board by Quasar Science CTO, Ben Dynice, effects could be programmed and cued to each light, all wirelessly.
We are very excited to see where we can take the event next year! Thanks to all that attended, and to the talented skaters & cinematographers:
Ace Pelka - @slappyredz
Jon Depoian - @jondepoian
Megan George - @megszo
Chris Ray - @chrisrayfilms
Nathan Ko - @bevup
Jim Geduldick - @filmbot
Tom Erik Ryen - @tomerikryen
...& others!