Dancing with Dolly: A Case Study in Light and Sound

"The Story" - Setting the Scene

DESTRUCTO's latest music video for his official remix of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" was filmed in the oldest restaurant in Colorado, The Mint. Built in the 1800s, the location was a perfect blend of classic country charm and modern club vibes. With director Don Tyler at the helm, the team set out to create a visual masterpiece that honored the original song while giving it a fresh, electrifying twist.

"The Light in the Attic" - Illuminating the Dance Floor

"The Light in the Attic" - Illuminating the Dance Floor Tyler built the video around lighting, and he knew the right fixtures were crucial to bringing the vision to life. He selected Quasar Science Double Rainbow LED tubes and Litepanels Gemini 1x1 Hard LED panels. The lightweight and versatile fixtures proved to be the perfect fit for the old building, allowing Tyler and his team to move around freely and create dynamic, ever-changing scenes. The Quad Array from Litepanels also played a key role, providing a big look in a compact package.

"Color me America" – On with the Show

The first half of the video showcased a traditional country saloon with a sleepy town feel. Tyler used the 1x1 panels to create a cinema-style lighting, but with the added versatility of DMX control for quick color changes.

The second half of the video was an all-out dance party, with the Double Rainbow tubes as the primary fixtures. The lights were easy to move around, allowing Tyler to keep up with the fast-paced action and slow-motion shots.

"You're the only One" - Putting it All Together

The video was a true testament to the advanced color control technology at the heart of Quasar Science fixtures. They impressed Tyler with the color accuracy and the ability to achieve a big look with a small footprint.

"I feel like Quasar really cares about pushing the limits and doing new things," he says. "There's a multitude of reasons I would choose a Quasar light over any other."  

These Rainbow fixtures are just incredible. My only complaint is I don't have enough of them.”
Don Tyler, Director

"I Will Always Love You" - The Final Word

Dolly Parton was thrilled with the latest cover of her classic song, stating, "I love them all, but I think this one is my favorite. It makes me want to dance!" And dance they did, with viral sensation Sammy Steadman leading the way, coaxing patrons out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

DESTRUCTO himself even took to the DJ booth to spin some tracks, creating a unifying experience that blended house and country music. The final product was as much a boot-stomping country anthem as it was a club banger, and it earned the seal of approval from Parton herself.

"Coat of Many Colors" - The Takeaway

DESTRUCTO's "Jolene" remix video is a prime example of how lighting and sound can come together to create an unforgettable experience. Director Don Tyler and the team leveraged the latest LED technology from Quasar Science to bring the vision to life, showcasing the power of LED in a historic setting and delivering a modern twist on a classic song.

Whether you're a filmmaker, a DJ, or just a fan of music, this video will leave you "Feeling Good" and ready to hit the dance floor.

Watch the final music video

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