DC Power Adapter Splitters

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Power up to 4 Rainbow lamps on DC with our Splitters. Part of the Quasar DC power system using the locking Amphenol 4pin connectors. 

A great companion to our Quasar Plates!

Connector 1: 4, 2 or 1 - Locking 2.1mm DC Barrel Right angle connectors
Cable:  18 AWG 2 wire
Connector 2: Amphenol 4 Male Connector

Max Amperage: 5 Amps per line

Max Linear Lamps:
12 Volts: 4-Q50, 8-Q25
24 Volts: 4-Q100, 8-Q50, 16-Q25

Max Linear Lamps:
12 Volts: 2-Q50, 4-Q25
24 Volts: 2-Q100, 4-Q50, 10-Q25

Max Linear Lamps:
12 Volts: 1-Q50, 2-Q25
24 Volts: 1-Q100, 2-Q50, 5-Q25

NOTE: Please check that your batteries can handle the amperage draw of the lamps connected. 4-Q25R lamps at 12 volts = around 8 amps.