AKS DMX Wireless System
AKS DMX Wireless System


AKS DMX Wireless System

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Imagine controlling your lighting levels without wires.
using your IPhone or tablet.
Whether you're using the AKS from your DIT tent, follow car or right on set,
you have full control.
The AKS Is small enough to flt In your hand but has a powerful router, a CRMX transmitter, and a DMX node all In one. With over 20 hours of battery on just a 5 hour charge time, you will always be ready.
Lumin Radlo's CRMX technology gives the AKS over 1,200 feet of range to the lights, and uses 128-bit encryption and error correction to ensure a clear signal no matter what.
Long range WIFI allows your tablet or phone to control the AKS from up to 250 feet away, and the Ethernet port Interfaces With most modern consoles and PC-based DMX software. The Included l2-Net Ethernet cable allows 10S devices With Luminair 3 software to work with the AKS even If the WIFI environment Is saturated.
Setup Is simple; turn on the AKS, go to your device's WIR settings and chose RatPac AKS as your wireless network, turn on your DMX app and you're ready to go!