Summer Trade-in Program


  1. Submissions close Friday, July 30th, 2021 at 5pm Pacific. 
  2. The trade-in program is currently only available for the return of either a 2' or 4' Rainbow (Q25R or Q50R) for credit against the purchase of either a 2' or 4' Double Rainbow (RR50 or RR100). No exceptions will be made.
    1. Each 2' Rainbow will yield a $100 credit per eligible light.
    2. Each 4' Rainbow will yield a $200 credit per eligible light.
  3. This is a "light for light" trade, meaning, you receive one discount code per returned Rainbow light(s) towards the purchase of a Double Rainbow(s).
    1. Example 1: Send in one (1) Rainbow, we will send you a discount code that applies to the minimum purchase of one (1) Double Rainbow.
    2. Example 2: Should you send in nine (9) Rainbows, we will send you discount code that will apply to the minimum purchase of nine (9) Double Rainbows.
    3. Discount codes cannot be stacked.
  4. Lights returned under this program must be in acceptable condition, operational or currently covered under Quasar Science's warranty which can be found here.
  5. Evaluation of the condition and operability will be conducted upon receipt. Acceptability is at the sole discretion of Quasar Science. 
    1. Lights that are received and found ineligible will be returned to you at Quasar Science's expense via FedEx Ground.
  6. The discount code provided must be used within 30-days or it will expire and all Rainbow lights you returned for trade-in will be shipped back to you.
  7. Subject to stock availability.
  8. Only applicable on new orders.
  9. Valid for North American online sales only.


    1. Complete the form below.
    2. Once submitted, we'll confirm your serial number(s) and send you an RMA to ship your light(s) back. 
      1. Please follow the RMA instructions and ship back the light.
      2. Also note that you are responsible for shipping charges except where noted.
    3. Upon receipt, we will inspect the light(s) and notify you within 5 business days of the status.
      1. Processing of trade-ins will work on a "first come, first served" basis. Please do not contact us to request that we expedite your trade-in.
      2. If eligible, we will then email you your discount code to be used during checkout on our website. Please note that this code will be linked to the email address you use in the trade-in form and cannot be used by or reassigned to another email address!
      3. If ineligible, we will notify via email and ship your light(s) back to you at our expense or free of charge.



    Please go to our Contact Us page and give us a call or drop an email!