Q-LED Lamps Combined with Kino Flo Shells

The Quasar Science Custom Shop builds 2 different types of adapted Kino Flo Systems. Traditional Kino Flo shells and Modified Kino Flo shells.


Quasar Science pre-packages Kino Flo shells with Q-LED lamps.

The Traditional Kino Flo Systems are:

  • KF Single Shell with 1 Q-LED Lamp
  • KF Double Shell with 2 Q-LED Lamps
  • KF 4 Bank Shell with 4 Q-LED Lamps

    Fluorescent lamps must utilize the reflector and thus need to be spread apart to allow light to bounce off the reflector. Given Q-LED Linear LED Lamps only emit light out of one side, Modified Kino Flo shells have the reflector removed and utilize our Q-Block mounting clips bolted to the shell to allow extra Q-LED Lamps to be snapped in, creating a much brighter fixture overall.

    Our Modified Kino Flo Systems are:

    • KF Single Shell with 2 Q-LED Lamps
    • KF Double Shell with 3 Q-LED Lamps
    • KF 4 Bank Shell with 6 Q-LED Lamps


    All systems above utilize our Cluster Power Adapters in Single, 2, 3, 4 and 6 Bank variations. 

    Kino Flo with Q-LED System
    Starting at $ 599.99

    Cluster Power Adapters
    Starting at $ 175.00