A collection of Reviews and Interviews about our products


R-Rainbow RGBX Tube

Quasar Science's new R-Rainbow RGBX Tube at Cine Gear 2017 by

CINE GEAR 2017 HIGHLIGHTS: C200, EVA-1, AND WHY WE GO! by UpHill Cinema

Q-Lion Rechargeable Bi Color Tubes

Quasar Science Battery powered LED's by Provideo

Kino Flo Conversions

Kino Flo Conversions by Steven Strobel

Q-LED Crossfades

A-LED + Q-LED X Crossfade Lighting Tools from Quasar Science from Rule Boston Camera

QUASAR SCIENCE X-Fade LED Tubes by Cine In The 6

Quasar Science LED Lighting Review by Hot Rod Cameras

Quasar Science Crossfade LED Tube by Manchester DP


LUX Behind the Scenes Music video featuring our Crossfades

View the full video here.


Quasar Science LED Lights: Hands On Review & Lighting Examples by UpHill Cinema



A-19 Practical Lamps

A Review of our LED Practical Lamps A-19 and Filament Series from Cine Gear 2017 by theC47


Quasar Science Practicals at CineGear 2017 by Kelly On A Tangent  

Q-Lion Battery Tube V1

Quasar Science Portable Battery Lights Q7-LS Q14-LS by Steven Strobel



Behind the Scenes of Fire and Ice by Abandon Visuals



The Cinematography of Linkin Park Good Goodbye  

Linkin Park - Good Goodbye

Output Comparison - Digital Sputnik, Quasar Science, and Aputure. by Evan Bourcier

Modifying Batwings for Quasar LEDs (Kino Conversion) by Steven Strobel

Quasar Live Demo - Replay by Evan Bourcier

Light Breakdown - 005 - Missy Elliott 'I'm Better' Ft. Lamb by Cinema Hack

Missy Elliott 'I'm Better' Ft. Lamb by Cinema Hack