Q-Lion Update Instructions

Q-Lion Update Instructions - PC only (at this time)

  1. Please download the Update Utility at QuasarScience.com/support 

  2. Plug in your Q-Lion Update Cable.

  3. Run the Utility. Make sure you are in Q-Lion Mode. If you are in Linear Lamp Update Utility, click here to endure you are in Q-lion Update Utility.
  4. Press the "Check Version" button
  5. Press "Download"
  6. Press "Next" at the bottom.
  7. Choose your Q-Lion Model
  8. Press "Update"
  9. After updating the lamp, Press Restart to update the same model lamp.
  10. To Change models, click "Back"

During Q-Lion Update, I get the error "Device Update failed"
Please check the log file and see if you are getting the following error:

(ST): (API) ERROR : Cannot communicate with the tool.
Wrong tool selection or check tool power supply or check that a previous session is closed, "

If so, please try the following:

Ensure that you have a 2nd Generation lamp that has the RST and KILL Buttons. (The update is for these versions only)

Be sure you are using the Q-Lion Update Cable provided by Quasar Science

If you confirm the top 2 points, please download and run the Driver files here. Click Here to Download. 

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