The Flex Kit-Any configuration is $499.99 until the end of May

The Q-Lion Flex Kit
The Q-Lion has become a staple on sets worldwide, and now, transporting them has become even easier.
No matter your style, we’ve got you covered with the Flex Case. 
Choose from 7 possible configurations of our Q-Lion Linear LED Lights to get just the right package, ranging from 2 powerful Q20’s to 6 nimble Q5’s, and almost everywhere in between. List price for every configuration is $666.66, but order before the end of May to receive free shipping and the low price of $499.99!
Flex 1 = The 3x1 Kit
Our classic 3x1 Kit gives you one of each size, the perfect mix for your 3 point CCC lighting set ups and for the versatility of selecting just the perfect size.
1 – Q20LS, 1 – Q10LS, 1 – Q5LS
Flex 2
Maximum output in just two lights. Perfect for creating broad light sources and soft wrapping looks.
2 – Q20LS
Flex 3
A high output 3 light kit giving you the 3x1 kit’s flexibility with a little more punch.
1 – Q20LS,  2 – Q10LS
Flex 4
One of our favorites, this uniform four light kit gives you a single form factor and the perfect conjunction between light quantity and max output.
4 – Q10LS
Flex 5
This 5 light kit breaks it down to the smaller sizes giving you more bang for your buck.
2 – Q10LS,  3 – Q5LS
Flex 6 = The Lights Out Kit
The most lights that fit the Flex Case, the Lights Out Kit is the perfect work light kit with 6 compact yet bright lights to spread around stage, shop or home.
6 – Q5LS
Flex 7
A great option for versatility, use the long Q20LS to set your base level while shaping and accenting the subject with 3 quick and easy to place Q5’s.
1 – Q20LS,  3 – Q5LS
Whatever your configuration, the Flex Kit comes with your choice of the 7 configurations, all fit neatly into custom perforated foam including baby pins and chargers. 
Already have Q-Lions? The Flex Case is available empty for you to customize.
Case Only

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